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1, in order to ensure product quality and durability, the products are made of superior materials, in strict accordance with industry standards
2, delivery, charge d'affaires transport, installation and commissioning
3, the product warranty period of 24 months, during the warranty period due to product quality problems, we free repair and replacement
rubber fender

  Our inflatable rubber fender,widely used in large ships,offshore platform,harbor wharf,yacht.Using compressed air as buffer mesium,it absorbs a ship collision energy, therefore compared with the general compression type rubber,the inflatable rubber fender has the more advantages of strong suction,the small reaction,the big contact area of the ship,less effect on unit area of the ship,not reducing the compression performance when inclined,and convenient installation,also it can adapt to the ship dock in all directions¡¯
  Zhonghaihang fender in accord with industy standar Marine pneumatic rubber fender,and meet the international standards of ISO17357-2002,so it can meet level thhan oil tankers berthing.Our products are exported to Singapore,Indonesia,the United States more than 50 countries and regions,and get wide good reputation from customers.

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