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Rubber Fender Categories Features and Application

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Usually rubber fender according to the structure can be divided into two categories: solid rubber fenders (non-floating) and floating rubber fenders.
    Solid rubber fender (non-floating type) is the history of the earlier application, and wide application of the anti-collision devices ship pier. The rubber fender can be divided into the forces shear, rotary type and compression type, etc.; according to fender structure, solid rubber fenders can be divided into D-type, cone, drum, fan-shaped, rectangular, cylindrical shaped fenders and so on.
    Floating rubber fenders can freely float on the water surface, which can be divided according to the different internal buffer medium: inflatable rubber fenders, rubber fenders filled.
    Inflatable rubber fender is a compressed air as the medium by compressed air acting to dissipate collision energy; filled rubber fenders buffer medium predominantly closed-cell foam material, such as foam EVA, foamed polyurethane and foam rubber, etc. .
    Characteristics and applications of rubber fenders
    Solid rubber fender has a high energy absorption and reaction, along with low cost, long life, simple installation and maintenance, etc., it is piers, docks install more protection.
    Floating rubber fenders fenders are newer equipment, compared with solid rubber fenders Its main features are: large compressive deformation, absorbing a large reaction force is small, self-floating, easy installation. Usually used in ship-to-ship under the (ship to ship), ship to dock (ship to wharf) cargo barge, docked other occasions; because of its
    Since floating characteristics are also particularly suitable for large changes in tidal dock installation. Which filled rubber fenders because of its maintenance-free, long life and other advantages are particularly suitable for use in harsh environments, such as offshore drilling platforms.
    Rubber Fender Standard
    Current industry standard solid rubber fenders used is "HG / T 2866-2003 rubber fenders."
    Industry standard inflatable rubber fenders domestic uses "CB-T 3948 Marine inflatable rubber ball," and the international ISO standards ISO17357: 2002 "High pressure Floating pneumatic rubber fenders". Filled floating rubber fenders new products emerged in recent years.
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