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Marine fenders marine rubber fenders production process and scope

Rubber Fender production process
1, the reinforcing plate mosaic processing methods currently used in steel-rubber bonding There are four main kinds of hard adhesive legitimate, phosphorus sulfide direct bonding, an isocyanate bonding adhesive bonding and commodities. After comprehensive comparison of advantages and disadvantages of the view that although isocyanates bonding material is unstable and harmful, but its adhesive strength is very high, more suitable for rubber fenders. Isocyanate bonding process steps are as follows;
(1) First of steel sandblasted, then with dilute hydrochloric acid, to be dried with acetone to remove surface oil reserve. Sandblasted and pickled metal surface area is increased, a surfactant concentration.
(2) before vulcanization 4h synthesized isocyanate adhesive brushing the treated metal surface, parking 2h.
(3) apply a high hardness rubber cement adhesive is coated on the surface, the adhesion enhancement layer is formed.
(4) to a thickness of about 8mm high hardness rubber film to be posted on the sticky surface.
(5) The high hardness of rubber and plastic molding prepared by mixing a buffer film paste.
2, molding
Forming the mix is ​​reasonably sheet pasted into a preform structure in the rubber fender molding mold. Before forming various films have made a certain shape according to specifications, the thickness of the outer layer of plastic film and plastic have good control.
Due to shrinkage, an excess of the compound can when dense preform, which is to ensure that products dimensional accuracy and improve product quality plays an important role.
We have adopted active mosaic block molding pay attention when positioning block mosaic. For inserts of rubber fenders, in addition to mold design should ensure the normal positioning tolerances of the insert, it should also be noted in the molding position to ensure the correct insert.
3, the vulcanized rubber is large rubber fenders, use a large curing pressure, curing pressure used in this work is 20 ~ 4OMPa, generally much larger than the pressure vulcanized rubber products. At the same time due to the large thickness of the article, it should adopt a low temperature curing time, temperature control in 14O ~ 160 . Curing time curve determined by curing characteristics.
4, the use of
1) marina, marine fenders;
2) suitable for gravity wharf and London, in particular, the use of large tidal range of the pier;
3) is especially suitable for ship berthing fenders, fender float more adaptable;
4) As a pier fender to protect the piers, ships from damage;
5) As a jetty protective equipment required spare parts with flexible emergency function;
6) applies to the use of Naval Special ship berthing, berthing guarantee safety;
7) When using large floating fender, allows the berthing depth increases, to achieve the purpose of upgrading the pier;
8) Floating fender may be used alone, it can also form protection systems and other protective devices to protect the safety of the ship and the pier.
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