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Inflatable fenders remedy leak after step

Inflated fenders leak, we must first make the following general process: Paste: Looking for a place to support the jack, pressure requirements vulcanized sheet per square centimeter pressure reaches 8--16kg 6 ton (50cm wide and 15cm long as the requirements of pressurizing to 12 tons), the need to repair the fender deflated mend put smooth, polished clean, evenly brushing glue to stick together three ply according to the line perpendicular to the paste and fender damaged lines, press real, cover with paper doily or (to avoid bonding with iron). The uniform heating iron, measured with a thermometer burned the back iron to 160 , stop heating, when the iron temperature will continue to rise, when the temperature dropped to 170 until, (2cm iron drops to 175 ), this paved surface is pressed onto the fender material, repair materials can not exceed the area of ​​iron, put the jack pressure 8--16kg / cm above the iron, the iron until the temperature dropped to 60 or at room temperature, that is can be removed, after examination solid paste, you can use inflatable
    The main reason there is leakage of pneumatic fenders with sharp objects collision during use or discharge resulting from hole Cold Sticking Method: Prepare cooked automobile inner tubes and other flexible plastic sheet, polished and quickly, at the same token handle leak damage, with adhesive strength high and water-resistant adhesive paste can be compacted.
Hot fill method: This method is suitable to draw the mouth is large, if the draw at the mouth, on site repair in 80mm.
General repair inflatable fenders need the following materials:
1. Toluene 50 if no toluene, can be used instead of clean gasoline, raw rubber cut into pieces 8g, soak into a paste.
2. uncured rubberized nylon window shades, length 50cm, width 15cm, three, layer by layer with toluene and later sticking together.
3. vulcanization iron (longer than 50cm, wider than 15cm, thickness 2-3cm).
4. Jack, a thermometer, a brush, or a paper doily.
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